Grace in Letting Go



In 2008, I was stricken with a very rare and incurable disease.  At the time I lived what I believed to be the "American Dream" working successfully for companies like Microsoft and then my own software company.  One day, it all disappeared.  

In the last decade, I have since taken the challenges of a radical life change and found my passion in helping and teaching others. Throughout this life changing transformation, I have found what it truly means to be alive.   I have faced death head on knowing how precious each moment we have is.  My ultimate discovery has been how to be truly happy wherever I may be.  

I want to help create a better world, a better place for those suffering through this life.  We all carry a great responsibility for our fellow man to help, to care for, and to support a better world.  Helping others relieves us of our daily struggles, burdens and concerns because caring for others cannot exist in the same space as personal trivial concerns.  We can no longer go about this life mind blind to the struggles of others.

My life is now dedicated to driving that force, that energy that unites us all.  I am now a single father with two beautiful daughters that inspire me daily to keep fighting.  Although I cannot control the problems and complications of life, I am now moving forward being a teacher, a writer, and ultimately much more than just a survivor.

"We are all connected.  We are all intertwined, strangers only in sight but not in heart. Through kindness, our eyes are opened."
- Andy Barwick