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Stepping Stones

Sky river reflections - Burlington, Vermont          Photo by Andy Barwick

Sky river reflections - Burlington, Vermont          Photo by Andy Barwick

We all walk across stepping stones crossing the river of life. Sometimes we make perfect leaps to the next stone. Sometimes these stones are too far and lead us into the cold river. Not to wash away, but to find a new stepping stone, pull ourselves up and begin a new path. 

And sometimes, just sometimes, there are people holding out a hand to lift you up from the river and put a warm blanket around you and give you rest. And they say, "continue your journey. Your life has so much more living to do". 

Somewhere, somehow I lost my way, my path, my direction. Looking down only brought me sorrow, sadness and pain. 

One day I stopped to look at a watery reflection of the clouds. And although I did not walk on the clouds, I found for the first time a lighted path to travel. 

The path was all around me. Everywhere the light gave me freedom to choose where I wanted to go. Unbound by expectations, I let the wind carry me forward. And when the wind stopped, I would sit and rest. I would stare into the heavens, day and night. I found solace there and healing. And when the wind came to my back again, I would find the strength to continue my journey. 

I am working to love with all my heart, giving everything without remorse or hesitation. Because I know that a gift is just that.  Giving a gift is something without expectation of return. It is the greatest thing to share with another. The gift of unbound love. And I am learning everyday, the amazing grace, patience and abundance of that path, that love. It is a journey that will never end even when my numbered days are over. 

The gift of loving another is not contained by space and time, by this cage of a body, by this idea that I am as small as my body. My spirit soars. My soul is uncontained. My light will always shine for many generations to come. And in that, I have found rest. I have found peace.

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