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Life's Last Days

This life’s setting sun will arise in heaven’s bloom. - § A.W. Barwick

I recently traveled to my childhood home to visit. While I was there, I visited my Uncle that has Stage IVb Pancreatic Cancer. It is the most aggressive cancer at the very last stage.  It meant a lot for me to spend time with him while I could.

I remember in 2011 when I was facing death. There were so many things that I wanted to do. I wasn't ready to die. I eventually made peace with what I could not control. Nothing short of a miracle followed in the coming years. A recovery that no one expected. 

I wanted to spend time with my Uncle. He has lived a very good life. He is facing something for which miracles do not exist. But that is ok. There aren't always miracles or expectations beyond what we face. I wanted to share time with him because it was something that I didn't have.  Having someone that can relate to that door at which you stand in front of, is always needed during those times.

People didn't visit much when I was ill.  Isolation surrounded me for several years. A very few close friends and family visited, but they had to travel great distances to be by my side. It was hard to keep my spirits up.

I knew that my uncle needed this more than I did. I knew that place where he was. He was very gracious and full of life.  There wasn't anything more that he could have asked for. His last days are filled with the memories of a life lived in grace. It is a good place to be.


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