Be Strong. Take Heart.


So I was once asked, "how can you go through what you've been through and still believe in God or a greater force in the universe?"  It is a fair question. After all, our natural logic would say that if so much bad has happened to you and you see no end, how can you believe there is some unseen force out there controlling the universe. We believe this because we expect things to go our way. We expect to be in control of our health, our work and what we get out of life.

But if we switch the scenario and do believe that we have worked hard, eaten right and done all the right things and everything goes mostly our way then how can you believe in an unseen force then guiding your life?  If there is no room for doubt in what you believe, then your faith truly cannot be tested. One might say you lack faith because you haven't been tested.

So what do you believe then when you are tested. I can't answer that for you personally. But here is what I have learned. In the process of losing everything, I have had to also let go and surrender those things to an unseen hand, an unseen force guiding my life. I realize with each step how little control I have over this life. But I am thankful for what life I have been given. For what is greater than being held tightly by the unseen hand, the guiding force of the universe?  Nothing if you allow yourself to surrender and learn what is being shown to you.

Breaking and molding, crushing you at times, this force can be very real, very painful and the greatest view of life's essence itself.

A greater gift is to share your story with others so that they may know how precious this gift of life is and how beautiful it can become. You can help not only those suffering and searching for peace but also awaken those around you to help those in need. Only a few are chosen to tell this tale. None live to tell this tale without first suffering or caring so deeply for others that they lose themselves in the process completely. It is only when we are completely immersed in this process that our eyes are opened to the truths in life, the real truths.
Andy BarwickComment